Making Money

How Cheap Are You Do You Save Or Spend

How are you with your money? Are you frugal? Do you spend every dime? I guess I tend to be on the cheaper side. I cut Coupons and am always looking for a sale or discount. But, I'm not a cheap person. If there is a big item I need/want and I don't just go for the cheapest thing. I research and get the best for my [...]

To Be Rich

Let's say that you met someone who promised that they could make you a $ millionaire overnight. However, you would have to sell yourself to get it for 12 months as a slave in their house doing hard labour. There you would do whatever they wanted, without complaint or be turned out with nothing. Would you be a slave for [...]

I Won It, Why Cant I Have It Its Not Fair!!! I Feel Cheated

Last week I got notification of a lottery win from abroad, it was quite substantial and there was no cost in the processing of the money. I had not entered any competition or contest so I was suprised at the email I got. I thought GREAT!! So I answered the email and was assurred that I had indeed won the money and [...]

Do You Pick Up Coins You Say Laying On The Ground

I just saw a news report and they were interviewing a family that actually went on outings looking for lost pennies and coins. There were several people on there that do this on a regular basis. They reported that this family made around $1100. in a matter of three years. Pretty good for picking up a few pennies along [...]

The More You Have The More You Want

Is it true that the more money you have the more you want. It seems that people (including myself) are never satisfied with what they have. Life is much more beautiful when it is simple. It is Free fr [...]

How Many Days Do You Work Per Week

i'm at work from Monday to Saturday which is six days every week. what about you? do you have two-day free days every week? [...]

Would You Survive After Going Bankrupt

I have just heard that my cousin who is married to a car dealer has gone bankrupt. This means that they had to sell their luxurious car and villa. Instead they had to go and live in a small flat. To s [...]

Did You Ever Feel Tired And Give Up online Money Making

I know that in everything we do sometimes we get tired on what we usually do. Especially, when we get impatient and realizing that we dont get anything at all. In online money making especially for newbies. They dont get a fast results in their earnings and usually it takes us a month to cashout what we deserve. Or [...]

No More Credit Cards!

I am very happy today as it is official that I have no more credit cards. I have canceled all my credit cards and now I only use cash and debit cards for my spending. I used to have the Classic, Gold and Platinum Visa and Mastercards from a few different banks. I got my first credit card back in 1993 and until yesterday, [...]

Do You Earn Taking Online Surveys

There are many advertisements about online surveys, that one can make lots of money taking online surveys right from home. I had joined a few of those programs, but so far, quite disappointing. I have not made any money at all from taking the surveys. Every time, about half-way through the survey, the message would come [...]

Do You Think Everyry Penny Counts

I do. It seems so many people say that earning a penny (or a dollar for that matter) is too little. But if you add up all, it makes your monthly payment. I just got paid one dollar from clicksia. Clicksia is one of those sites that pay little, that pay always, that pay through paypal. That is enough for me. And little [...]

Do You Want To Be Rich And Why

Hi all,Does anyone here dream to be rich? Do you think it's a necessity in life and why if your answer is a yes or not. Thank you so much;) [...]

How Should You Give Affiliate Links

Often, I get spammed by "friends" whom I have varying degrees of friendship with. Some are complete strangers. They will write to me and give me all their affiliate links. Some will just give me the links without any opener while others would write a flourish statement of how they are helping me by giving me their affiliate [...]

What Do You Do With Your Quarters, Dime, Nickel And Pennies

If at the and of the day you have these coins in your pocket, what do you with them? Do you bring all of it the following day? Do you leave it in your car for use in parking fees, do you give it to your kids for their piggy banks or do you have your own jar where you put all your loose change? I keep mine in a small jar [...]

Working From Home -- Your Choice Or No Choice

how long have you been working from home? are you doing this full-time? or just on your spare time? Are you doing this because for the sake of enjoyment? or this is all you have right now? working from home... i never thought there's soooooo many of us doing that... until Ijoined myLot... it's here that I met single [...]

How Much Are You Paying For Gas

Lately, I hear about the gas prices on the news every day. I often wonder how our community compares to other communities when it comes to gas prices. Well you are not going to believe this but there is a site called Maps in the news and it is sponsored by Utopia. It has the gas prices all over the United States. Now you [...]

Is It Possible To Earn $100 Per Month Working Online

To me guys i have not yet succeeded in making $10 per month but anxious to know is to possible to earn 100 buck per month working 4-5 hours daily. If your answer is no then how much is possible and how much you are earning. If your answer is yes then actually what have to do and kindly share your experience on making [...]

Will You Click Or Type For Cash

I have just responded to a discussion that talks about PTC business. The poster says that paid to click sites usually pay from $0.001 to $0.05 but if one site that pays above $0.01, it could be a scam. There are links that can be found in his/her profile page if one wants to earn from PTC's (so there goes the referral [...]

Do You Call This Working From Home

So you're on Mylot and a few other PTC or GPT type sites. Let's say you make around $100 a month or whatever. You're obviously not earning as much as you would at a real job, that's for certain. Is this considered a "work at home" job? To me, I don't consider it "work at home" unless you're actually making enough [...]

Who Will Do That

I was just looking at the tasks, and I know that now we mylotters can put tasks up for people to do, but don't you think some are very cheap and not worth your time to do, when others pay so much better? Right now, there is a task up for 400 to 500 words and it is only going to pay $1. Why would anyone do that when [...]

A Letter From Belgium, That Needs My Assistance!!!! Is This A Scam Or What

I am too smart to fall for this. I have had negative results from an opportunity as this one before. Is this a scam or what? You be the judge..ninjasurrender Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Henri Mitchell,Sales Manager of BASF CHEMICALS .It is my pleasure to write to you in respect of our organization BASF CHEMICALS.Our [...]

Sorry To Burst Your Balloon

But SOmeone has to ask this. Everyone is promoting Agloco asking others to join in. Its been two months since I joined too But till date they have not launched their Tool Bar- how do you suppose we are going to earn? When its going to pay back for promoting it-why everyone is so hyped about a thing that does not even exist? [...]

I Love Getting Paid To Talk! Whos With Me

I think myLot is the best thing since sliced bread and I don't even remember bread that wasn't pre-sliced! It's not just myLot, either. There are a lot of survey sites that pay really well! I've earned so much from myLot and my survey sites that I can have a really nice Christmas this year. I've been buying gas from [...]

Did You Received An Email Telling You Won A Lottery,what Did You Do

I encountered this email recently, telling me that I won a megalotto lottery from Microsoft word in London. I was wondering because I did not participate for any megalotto lottery in the internet. Now the payment agent is asking me some information like Bank account, bank code, address and mailing address and other [...]

Is Making Money Online Easy

I have proven to myself that it is easy to make money on the internet. I find most people want to make money now, right now and they don't want to build something to make more money without all the daily routine of PTC sites. I tried the PTC sites a few years ago and got more depressed than anything. The amount of [...]

Sell Your Hair!! Cool.

i just saw on the news a few mins. ago about this lady auctioned off her hair for extra money. she'd lost her job and really needed the 2 thousand and some dollars she got for it. how cool. i would do it except mine is not that healthy and its mostly grey under the coloringlol. i tried going to where she [...]

Can I Really Get Money From Ptc Sites

Hi guys.. I'm just wondring if I can really get money from PTC Sites I joined Neobux recently and I just got a very small earnings. It's really hard to make referals since I just started. I feel bored [...]

What Is Your Source Of Income

For those who are working and already earning, what is your main source of income and some sideline for an extra cash? And for those who doesn't have any income yet, what do you want as your source of income? I am still a student and I'm earning at the same time. My sources of income are earning online through AdSense [...]

Is This A Scam

I checked my mail today, and one of the letters I recieved was post marked from Canada. I have a friend in Canada, so this is the first thing I opened. Inside was a check for 3,950.00 and a letter stating that I am now a Mystery Shopper. But the check is drawn on a North Carolina credit union. The letter instructs [...]

Should I Join Trekpay

I have heard mixed things about this site. I was going to join and then somebody told me not to. They said its really hard to earn there. But do they pay? Has anyone been paid by them? I heard their ads don't have a timer, is that true? If so, that would seem to be something in their favor. Of course it doesn't matter [...]

Is It Possible To Make $1000usd From Online Earnings

i know it's a big question but i am desperately in need of some money...i am in a tight situation i need to get out the way i don't have a job which makes it even more am here online seeking ways and opportunities to earn some money online to contribute to my financial needs as well as debts.i am not [...]

Getting Fed Up With Surveys... Is It Worth It

I've been online for about 14 years now and I started with some of the survey sites about 10 years ago. Now I know that it takes a long time to build up points to get a payout and that's fine. I don't do the surveys that are for sweepstakes entries... just the cash and points to convert to cash surveys. Anyhow, waiting [...]

Always Thinking About Money

I always think about money. I'm not sure there's a minute in the day where I'm not thinking about money. Right now I'm thinking about earning money, that's why I'm on Mylot. I'm also working on my click sites and other sites that earn me a little money. Later I'll be making my grocery list for tomorrow, and I'll be [...]

Do You Sign Up With New Sites Or Do You Wait To Hear What Others Do First

Ok, since I am still considered new to this, and have signed on and visit PTC sites on a daily basis and now i see alot of "brand new" sites, launching soon, and be the first to join, etc.... so my question is do you sign up with new sites right away to get the perks and benefits of being the in the first 100 to sign up [...]

What Are You Doing With Your Online Earnings This Month

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my online earnings. I made about $15 from Mylot, and $150 from ChaCha. Well the $15 isn't much, although it helps. I just don't know what I want to do with the $150. I am thinking of paying the power bill with it, that was $130, that way we don't need my husband's paycheck to [...]

Are You Satisfied With Your Online Earnings..

hii friend..Now a days many of them are showing interest to earn online..An also the one of the person..I am interested to earn some money and i am getting that through online..But not a much but a little which is ebough for me to use as my pocket money..just now i am doing mylot and few PTC sites..Telling frank that i [...]

How Many Pending Payments Are You Expecting

How many pending payments are you expecting? Besides mylot, I am expecting about four. I reached minimum payout in donkeymails which amounts to around two us dollars. In no- minimum i have reached the [...]

Blogging Makes Money Only If........

you can drive traffic in to your blogs. The blogging craze has become more popular over the last couple of years. Everyone seems to have blogs these days. What is a blog? I think most people know that a blog is, an online journal, but it's more personal and unstructured than a website and easier and cheaper to set up than [...]

Hubby Finally Got A New Job!!! Yes, Its Official!!!

I'm so excited! Well, sure, HE'S excited, but he probably has no idea how excited this makes me, too! After over three months of getting fired and struggling to make a go of his own business, he's finally gotten himself a new job! The pay is better, it's closer to home than his last job, the benefits are better, it's [...]

How Many Websites Do You Sign Up To Earn Money

I just want to know how many websites do you signed up to earn some extra money online? How do you divide the time between them to maintain your steady earnings from them? I have signed up a couple of [...]

Are You Spending More Than You Earn

The mystery behind being broke is the idea of spending more than you earn. Actually its not a mystery anymore, its more of a factual basis rather. Though sometimes we think that we are spending less than we make yet there are certain expenses that needs to be acquired one way or the other. We try to save enough money for [...]

What Is The One Site You Have Been With The Longest.... So Far

I was wondering, since I just started with working online and making extra money at home...and trust me I am still quite a newbie at it...and I make about 30.00 a month, so I am still in the beginning stages of But I signed up with Mylot first and have learned so much from Mylot is the longest [...]

Is It Better To Focus On One Site More Often Or....

My question really is should we put more time in one site and try to maximize that payout amount a month or should we have 5 or 6 sites that have smaller payouts and then get smaller amounts from a bunch of sites....confused I have not had as much computer time as I would prefer since I have kids and I am never home [...]

Would You Babysit

I've thought about taking in some kids during the day to earn some extra money, and sometimes when things get tight, or when I need extra cash, like now around the holidays, I think about doing it. But honestly it's just not for me. I'm not really that good with kids, at least not other people's. Some kids I've known [...]

Mexicos Richest Man

I like to read about how these guys make their fortunes and their humble beginnings are always amazing to me. This widower (did you hear that ladies?) has knocked Bill Gates off the richest guy list. I plan to [...]

I Laugh And I Cry At This Paycheck

It's for vacation pay that I didn't even know I had coming to me. Ironically, it couldn't come at a better time for me, but it's for such a little amount that it's useless. $9.29. What am I going to do with that? I can't pay off the mass of bills that are piling up with that. My bills total about 200 times that [...]

Why Do Many People Consider Working On Ptc Programs As Cheap

They think it is below their dignity to work on PTC programs.I don't understand why they should feel that way. It is a legal way of making money, right? Of course you will get greater satisfaction when you write articles and make money. Though I don't work much on PTC sites right now, I hope to spend more time on these [...]

Avon Calling...well Not Really!!

Does anyone here sell Avon? I like Avon products in general and they are priced well. I wanted to sell them but not really all that actively. If my friends wanted to buy something they could but I wouldn't go sell to everyone and annoy them. I basically wanted to get a discount on Avon products for myself. If anyone [...]

Do You Like Your Job

I mean really? Do you like your job or do you just tolerate what you do? Is it hard for you to get motivated and go everyday? I really do like my job. Oh sure, there are times when I have bad days and times that I get frustrated, but overall I really enjoy what I do. Its not earth shattering, it doesn't take a rocket scientist [...]

Need Help Finding A Job

Dont want to come across as begging. Or whining. But my unemployment will be running out soon and hubby has told me i need to find a job. I dont not want to go back out into the auto Business as i did it for over 18 yrs. I really just want to stay home and something from home, i have for months been looking online for [...]

Do You Still Use Credit Cards Or Pay Now In Cash

I know most of us, in one way or another, had been hit by this economic crisis. So when this happened, I decided to NOT use my credit cards anymore. It is a hard decision but I have to make a decision that would help me have less debt and therefore, pay less interest on those debts. So now, if I am buying something, it's [...]

I Really Need To Make Some Real Money.

Can anyone tell me where are all the legitimate sites out there, that will pay me some real money. I am a stay- at- home mom. I would like to do something that does not involve me putting out large amounts of money. Plus I don't want to do sales of any kind. Where are the paying sites that pay at least every week or every [...]

Mind Your Own Business

In the past couple of days I have conceived a virtual bra customisation service and a chain of fast food restaurants aimed at the Cycling fraternity with two friends that I have met on myLot. Now this hasn't been easy and has involved a certain amount of ribald humour at my expense. However, nothing ventured nothing gained [...]

Making Money

How Much Money Do You Have In Your Wallet Right Nowcash Or Credit Card

Do you like use credit cards or cash? Happened to you in your life, when in your wallet were no money? O, just zero money? how do you feel if in your wallet are not money, no credit card, you will ask [...]

Where Do You Spend Your Money Most

It's really hard to work for your salary every month and then notice it gone in an instant. Just like being snatched from you hands. Some people are lucky enough to still have some extra left after al [...]

Oh For Those 10 Dollars!

Mylotters are keeping themselves busy as the earnings are rising with each passing day. It is a fulltime job, writing and commenting, to reach magical figure 10 $, a reward one would expect sooner or late being paid into the paypal account. It seems a distant reality as one keeps fingers moving on the key board, But when [...]

How Many Jobs Have You Been Through In Your Life So Far

How many jobs have you been through in your life so far? Did you feel you've been through too many, just enough, not enough? Why did you go through so many, or so little? Was it not the type of job yo [...]

The Economy

You all know what is going on with the mortgage market and the fix these two agencies are going through. I saw on the news where they were talking about us on the verge of a depression to match that of the stock market crash in 1929. If I remember my history right all these big investors pulled their holdings out of the [...]

Working It Due To The Recession

Are you trying to earn an income on line because of the recession? If you had a good paying job would you still continue to work online? For me, I just started with online earnings because I am unemployed and jobs are scarce. So while I still check job banks, classifieds and job fairs, I thought I would try to earn some [...]