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Here are the Best Attractions in Dubai When one is making the best option of the destination he or she is going to spend his or her holiday, the best thing is to do keen evaluation of the options which one could be having at hand. Your aim is, of course, to visit a place which will have splendid and numerous sites to bring all joy and happiness, making it the most memorable event. The problem emerges when one will be required just to pick only one from the long list of choices. This publication has given tips on the best sites in Dubai which are reputed to be the best and most thrilling attractions. It is only in Dubai that you will come across the tallest building in the world known as Bur Khalifa. Wondering about its height, it is almost a kilometer tall 829.8 meters. It is never fulfilling for anyone who visits the city without making a trip to the deck conferences of Bur Khalifa building 124th floor. You will enjoy a fantastic view of the city from aerial perspective. You will ever find seasoned photographers visiting this place especially at night to capture the famous city-light panoramas. You will always to find long line-ups if you are planning to visit Burj Khalifa on a weekend. You will also find the tallest performing fountain I the world at the ground of Burj Khalifa. In case you are wondering where you can find one of the oldest museums in the world, there is the Fahidi Fort built in 1787, to defend the Dubai Creek. Traditional coral blocks and lime is the materials which have been used to build the walls of the fort. The upper floor is backed by wooden poles called “handles”. Mud, plaster and palm fronts are used for building the roof.
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This fort served as the residence of the ruling family, seat of government, garrison, and prison. The fort has been renovated twice, the first renovation in 1971 and the second one in the year 1995. On the entrance of the fort you will find fascinating exhibition of old maps of the Emirates and Dubai which show the mammoth expansion that hit the region after the oil boom.
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There are so many famous sites which you will not exhaust visiting just to mention but a few, there is the famous Dubai Aquarium House which houses 140 species, Dubai’s culture and architectural designs. In the same single destination, you will find the tallest hotel in the world which is 321 meters tall called the Burj Arab. The location of this unique and very famous hotel is that, and it is on the coast of Dubai on its own artificial island.